DisneylandWalt Disney was a 22 Academy Award winning film producer, director, screen writer, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, director, visionary and philanthropist. His name is a household word. 

When you think of success, it’s easy to think of Walt Disney, but those honors came from challenges and failures. For example he dropped out of high school, at age 22 he experienced bankruptcy, and he spend 5 years developing Disneyland. “I want it to look like nothing else in the world.”

To learn more about Walt Disney visit his Wikipedia page.

Great ideators see inspiration all around.


At What If? Ideation we believe that . . .

  • Success is not compulsory. Small business ownership is hard work.
  • Time and money are a business owner’s most precious assets.
  • Fail early, fail fast, fail often . . . on paper. Innovation that works.
  • It’s all about the bottom line. Profitability matters.
  • Frugality. The simplest solutions are the best solutions.
  • If it is important we will help you will find a way.
  • People do business with people. Start there.
  • Ideas alone don’t make money, their application does.
  • Management is not leadership.
  • Small business ownership can be both profitable and fun . . . really.